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c:/home/kevn/src/animaniac/ani/KeyFrame/process/KeySetSmoother.h File Reference

#include <gmtl/Math.h>
#include "ani/KeyFrame/PosQuatKey.h"
#include "ani/KeyFrame/KeyFramer.h"

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float getDist (const ani::PosQuatKey &key1, const ani::PosQuatKey &key2)
float getTotalDist (ani::KeyFramer< ani::PosQuatKey > &keyFramer)
void output (const ani::PosQuatKey &key)
void smooth (ani::KeyFramer< ani::PosQuatKey > &keyFramer, float length)

Function Documentation

float getDist const ani::PosQuatKey   key1,
const ani::PosQuatKey   key2

Definition at line 5 of file KeySetSmoother.h.

References ani::PosQuatKey::position().

Referenced by getTotalDist(), and smooth().

float getTotalDist ani::KeyFramer< ani::PosQuatKey > &    keyFramer

Definition at line 12 of file KeySetSmoother.h.

References getDist(), and ani::KeyFramer< _keyType >::keys().

Referenced by smooth().

void output const ani::PosQuatKey   key

Definition at line 28 of file KeySetSmoother.h.

References ani::PosQuatKey::position(), ani::PosQuatKey::rotation(), and ani::Key::time().

Referenced by smooth().

void smooth ani::KeyFramer< ani::PosQuatKey > &    keyFramer,
float    length

Definition at line 35 of file KeySetSmoother.h.

References ani::KeyFramer< _keyType >::addkey(), ani::KeyFramer< _keyType >::clear(), getDist(), getTotalDist(), ani::KeyFramer< _keyType >::keys(), output(), and ani::Key::time().

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