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Animaniac Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ani::AccelerationOperator< __EntityType >FORCE by AccelerationOperator
ani::BinaryForceOperator< __EntityType >Binary force, a force operator that acts on only two particles in the system
ani::BodyBody, for use in a rigid body dynamics system
gator::Car4WheelsMethodA travel method that implements the common "drive" metaphor fround in many VR systems
gator::CollisionResponseOperatorSimple collision/response
ani::ColorWithAgeOperator< __EntityType >As it gets older, color it
ani::CurrentOperator< __EntityType >CurrentOperator (FORCE by some moving fluid)
gator::DriveNavigationOperatorFeatures of this operator: apply local force this pushes the body "forward" in its local coordinate frame
ani::DynamicSystem< __EntityType >
ani::Emitter< __EntityType >
ani::EulerODEsolver< _item >
ani::FlameEmitter< __EntityType >Emits particles to look like fire
ani::GlobalForceOperator< __EntityType >FORCE A basic force, will apply it's force to all particles in the system
ani::GlobalOperator< __EntityType >Global - acts on all entities in the system
gator::GlueOperatorGlueOperator glues two entities to each other
ani::GravityOperator< __EntityType >Gravity - a specialized case of constant acceleration
ani::GrimReaperOperator< __EntityType >Using the time to live, kill the particle when expired
ani::GrowWithAgeOperator< __EntityType >
ani::HeunODEsolver< _item >
ani::KeyFramer< _keyType >
ani::ModifiedEulerODEsolver< _item >
ani::ODEsolver< _item >
ani::Operator< __EntityType >
gator::PlaneCollisionDetectorThis is a sample detector provided with gator
ani::RungeKuttaODEsolver< _item >
gator::SetEqualOperatorSetEqualOperator sets two entities equal to each other
syn::detail::shared_deleter< T >
syn::shared_ptr< T >Reference counting smart pointer
syn::detail::shared_ptr_traits< T >
syn::detail::shared_ptr_traits< void >
gator::SimpleDriveMethodA travel method that implements the common "drive" metaphor fround in many VR systems
gator::SimpleFlyMethodA travel method that implements the common "fly" metaphor found in many VR systems
ani::SolverFactory< _item >
ani::SpiralEmitter< __EntityType >Emits a vertical spiral over time, interesting, kind of weird
ani::SpringForceOperator< __EntityType >
gator::TetheredDriveMethodA travel method that implements the common "drive" metaphor fround in many VR systems
gator::TetherOperatorTetherOperator sets two entities equal to each other
gator::TireForceOperatorForce from steering - tire force simulates tangential force as car turns
ani::Torch< __EntityType >A system-in-a-box ready to make a fire
gator::TravelMethodTravel method
gator::TravelMethodFactoryUse this object to create pre-built travel methods
ani::ViscousDragOperator< __EntityType >FORCE from Viscous Drag

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