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ani::FireParticle Class Reference

#include <Torch.h>

Inheritance diagram for ani::FireParticle:

ani::Body ani::Memory List of all members.

Public Methods

 FireParticle ()
const gmtl::Vec4f & color () const
void setColor (const gmtl::Vec4f &color)
void setAgeOfDeath (float age)
float ageOfDeath () const
float age () const
void growOlder (float age)

Public Attributes

float mAge
float mAgeOfDeath
gmtl::Vec4f mColor

Detailed Description

change to particle, not body

Definition at line 23 of file Torch.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ani::FireParticle::FireParticle   [inline]

Definition at line 26 of file Torch.h.

References mAge, mAgeOfDeath, and ani::Body::setParticle().

Member Function Documentation

const gmtl::Vec4f& ani::FireParticle::color   const [inline]

Definition at line 31 of file Torch.h.

References mColor.

Referenced by setColor().

void ani::FireParticle::setColor const gmtl::Vec4f &    color [inline]

Definition at line 32 of file Torch.h.

References color(), and mColor.

void ani::FireParticle::setAgeOfDeath float    age [inline]

Definition at line 33 of file Torch.h.

References age(), and mAgeOfDeath.

float ani::FireParticle::ageOfDeath   const [inline]

Definition at line 34 of file Torch.h.

References mAgeOfDeath.

float ani::FireParticle::age   const [inline]

Definition at line 35 of file Torch.h.

References mAge.

Referenced by growOlder(), and setAgeOfDeath().

void ani::FireParticle::growOlder float    age [inline]

Definition at line 36 of file Torch.h.

References age(), and mAge.

Member Data Documentation

float ani::FireParticle::mAge

Definition at line 37 of file Torch.h.

Referenced by age(), FireParticle(), and growOlder().

float ani::FireParticle::mAgeOfDeath

Definition at line 37 of file Torch.h.

Referenced by ageOfDeath(), FireParticle(), and setAgeOfDeath().

gmtl::Vec4f ani::FireParticle::mColor

Definition at line 38 of file Torch.h.

Referenced by color(), and setColor().

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