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ani::Operator< __EntityType > Class Template Reference

#include <Operator.h>

Inheritance diagram for ani::Operator< __EntityType >:

ani::Memory ani::BinaryForceOperator< __EntityType > ani::ColorWithAgeOperator< __EntityType > ani::Emitter< __EntityType > ani::GlobalOperator< __EntityType > ani::GrimReaperOperator< __EntityType > ani::GrowWithAgeOperator< __EntityType > ani::SpringForceOperator< __EntityType > ani::FlameEmitter< __EntityType > ani::SpiralEmitter< __EntityType > ani::GlobalForceOperator< __EntityType > ani::AccelerationOperator< __EntityType > ani::CurrentOperator< __EntityType > ani::ViscousDragOperator< __EntityType > ani::GravityOperator< __EntityType > List of all members.

Public Methods

 Operator ()
virtual ~Operator ()
virtual void exec (ani::DynamicSystem< __EntityType > &ps, float timeDelta)=0

template<class __EntityType>
class ani::Operator< __EntityType >

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class __EntityType>
ani::Operator< __EntityType >::Operator   [inline]

Definition at line 46 of file Operator.h.

template<class __EntityType>
virtual ani::Operator< __EntityType >::~Operator   [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 49 of file Operator.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class __EntityType>
virtual void ani::Operator< __EntityType >::exec ani::DynamicSystem< __EntityType > &    ps,
float    timeDelta
[pure virtual]

Implemented in ani::AccelerationOperator< __EntityType >, ani::BinaryForceOperator< __EntityType >, ani::ColorWithAgeOperator< __EntityType >, ani::CurrentOperator< __EntityType >, ani::FlameEmitter< __EntityType >, ani::GlobalForceOperator< __EntityType >, ani::GrimReaperOperator< __EntityType >, ani::GrowWithAgeOperator< __EntityType >, ani::SpringForceOperator< __EntityType >, ani::ViscousDragOperator< __EntityType >, gator::Acceleration, gator::CollisionResponseOperator, gator::DriveNavigationOperator, gator::GlueOperator, gator::SetEqualOperator, gator::TetherOperator, gator::TireForceOperator, and gator::TravelPrimitive.

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